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Unofficial Language was a unique project which brought together real estate developers, municipal deputies, local communities and young artists. ADG Group, one of the main Moscow real estate developers, began a reconstruction project of a historical network of ‘neighbourhood’ cinemas built in the 1960s. In the process of redevelopment, ADG Group wanted to engage with the local community to ensure that the project was perceived positively. One of the creative solutions proposed by our agency was to commission young artists to produce works that were used on the banners surrounding building sites. After an open call with the artists, we chose three works for each cinema.

During stage two of the project, the local community voted for the works they liked most. For the majority of participating artists, this project was their first experience of such a large-scale commission to be shown in busy public spaces such as Moscow Metro stations, bus stops and parks.

when: 2017-2019

where: MOSCOW


selected press: https://www.the-village.ru/village/city/news-city/341603-art-brut 

https://www.mos.ru/news/item/31183073/ https://ag.mos.ru/news/1501